Latest Event News:

Mid Season Update

The year started off really well for us following the confirmation from a number of event organisers that we would continue to be the official event photographer to their events. This is always very welcome news. In addition to our existing commitments, we had some great news with many new events switching to us.
Musketeer Event Management were the first to provide us with new venues and opportunities and we added their incredibly well supported and high profile events; Burnham Market 1 & 2, Houghton International, Cholmondley Castle and the brand new Whitfield horse trials.

We were also highly delighted to attract the very popular Withington Manor event too. Set in some fabulous countryside, with some eye catching fences and run by a hugely efficient team, its long been an event we have wanted to cover.

Its never our aim to over commit in the calendar, we always want to dedicate our full attention to just one event/show at a time and have our best photography team available. As most of you know, we do have a 2nd unit but this is rarely seen out now and only where and when we know we have the right situation to manage it.

We are now half way through the year and have had a fabulous time. The new events have been incredibly well received with some wonderful feedback from riders, owners, sponsors alike. With the ground being scrutinised so much now within our sport, its amazing to see the changes and advances to ground preparations year on year. This year we haveseen more care than ever being taken by the hard working organisers to provide the best possible tracks and going given the unique set-ups each location has.

Barbury International is next on the list for us and we look forward readily to the second half of the season.

New Technology

Through the winter months we were able to research & implement a new software program for the way our images are catalogued on the day of an event. Alongside our simple time based image files, we also have a Rider/ Horse combination program to work with. Used at a number of events so far this year we have had some great positive feedback from our customers. With these 2 options we can consider the kind of event we are covering and work with the most applicable software for that show/event. We have also been testing a new WiFi system that enables us to get the images straight out of the showjumping arena and into our viewing stations direct from the photographers camera. We are a little way off launching this but its proving highly interesting and is a potential time saver for all concerned. In addition to this the Drone has also been available for our events to take advantage off.

Social Media

We are super happy at the last few months of activity on both our Twitterand Facebook feeds. Our fan/follower base is up dramatically from this time last year, but more importantly our engagement with our customersis pretty good now too.
We recognise the power of all social media platforms (even if at times it moves so fast we barely understand the phases!) so we are working hard to keep this communication channel relevant, interesting and engaging.

Rider Feedback

Everyone hopes what they provide is what the customer is looking for! We think hard at each event about the available fences, check the all important backdrops and hugely influential light direction. Spend time establishing the flow of the course and where our fence judges will need to be positioned etc and then, hopefully, pick the right fences based on all these factors. We do listen to the riders and owners as much as we can and this year we have been making sure our product range is right and our price points attractive.

Forward Thinking

Staffing is of paramount concern for us. Its always been important that our photographers have an equine background in order to appreciate the viewpoint of the riders and customers. As the company develops we have worked hard to increase our team, there will be some great new faces who have been working hard alongside the main established team.


Below are some of our current favourite event images. Click on any image to enlarge.

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